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Our Story

   Our Coffee Serving Story   

Josh and Nicole Scott were looking for something to do that would give Josh the flexibility to be home with his family. He was working 90 hours a week leaving Nicole and the kids to live life without him all just to put food on the table. Nicole’s passion for coffee sparked an amazing idea that grew into a dream. In August of 2018 that dream became a reality, Josh got to leave his unbalanced work life for a true opportunity, and BeanWater Espresso was born.

All of the coffee proudly served at BeanWater is roasted locally through Original Pilot House Coffees. The smooth fully bodied beans create magic in every cup made. Josh and Nicole strive to support local businesses in the area not only through their roaster but others as well. All of their beans are ethically sourced, fair trade, and treated the same as organically certified. You won't find better coffee on the grocery store shelf. 

How did they get their name? It’s never easy to name a business, however, their oldest daughter said, “bean water is what I call coffee with my friends”. Batting around several more ideas, the name BeanWater stood out and eventually became the winner. Nicole states “when naming the company our goal was for the name to stand out in your mind because that’s what we want to do, stand out and be the staple coffee that you start your morning with whether that be in your coffee pot at home or at one of our mobile stops”.


Some final words from the owners, “Here at BeanWater, we love taking our mobile units to events and meeting new people. We cherish the opportunity to work together while building a better future for our family and we are honored to support our local communities. We love that so many of you wake up with BeanWater and thank you from the bottom of our espresso filled hearts that you choose us each and every day”.

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